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is a dripping pink Y2K girly-pop retro-inspired arena-style movement FPS where standing still is not an option. The faster you go, the more damage you deal and the more you heal!

Just. Don't. Stop. Moving.

Spread The Love!

A mining company is attempting to destroy an ecosystem for profit. ShockerTigris Nix wants to drain your world of The Love, a natural force keeping the planet alive. Lay waste to its robotic Ormyk drones to heal the Oasis!

Kill ‘em with kindness! Every point of damage dealt against a robot is one piece of The Love released back into the environment and one step closer to the end of Tigris Nix.

Just. Don't. Stop. Moving.

The faster you go, the more damage you deal and the more you heal! Incolatus combines the ridiculous fun of janky old-school mechanics with contemporary innovations in advanced movement abilities.

Wave hopping combines the feeling of a classic bunny hop with modern slam, dash and double jump mechanics to create a fast, fluid and precise flow state.

You Are the Revolution!

Unleash the horrors <3 Guns with alt-fires combine symbiotically with each other and with magical abilities to create incredible moments of complex interplay


Master a deep and flexible push-forward combat system to generate high Love scores and become the Cupid of death!

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