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Work your way through the planet Xyzathynum and fight your way to the parts you need to repair your ship and get back on mission. Utilise the Xyth crystals to manipulate time and space with portals

Just. Don't. Stop. Moving.

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is a first-person arena-style shooter running on the Unreal 5 game engine which incorporates advanced movement mechanics in a sci-fi fantasy setting.

You are Imber, a super-soldier crash-landed on a strange and alien world once inhabited millions of years ago by an ancient, reality hopping civilization, but now overrun by a despicable corporate entity.

​Tigris Nix is an intergalactic corporation hellbent only on harvesting the power of the Xyth crystals in the area for their own nefarious gain, no matter the detriment to the planet's ecosystem.

Meet your arsenal of Xyth powered weapons which utilise Xyth crystals to reload with portal technology. 

The faster you go, 

the more damage you do, 

the stronger you become.

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