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[290722] THE ORMYK ISSUE: This Week at Funny Fintan



Hello I.M.B.E.R,

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday the twenty-ninth of July. Here we go.

Welcome to This Week at Funny Fintan, an intergalactic broadcast on the progress of Incolatus. Sit down, settle in and get comfortable. Get yourself something to drink, maybe get me something too! Because this week at Funny Fintan we're jumping into all things shootable and killable. Welcome to the Ormyk issue.


All About Ormyk Pt V: The Finale

This Week at Funny Fintan, I'm capping off part 5 of our All About Ormyk column with a bang. Firstly, as promised, let's check in on;

The Bull-Ant

Say hi! The final fully-realised enemy to hit completion in modelling and rigging is the Bull-Ant! A brand new enemy in the 2022 demo, this brute of an enemy hides behind a massive shield. It may intimidate from the front with its charging shield, but I'll let you in on a little secret...

The Bull-Ant is equipped with a perfectly placed off switch on its back to disable it for a little while. Shoot it and you may just be able to trigger a restart, giving you time to take the foul mechanical beast to its knees.

The Bull-Ant is most vulnerable from behind!

As a bonus this week, and in celebration of shootable and killable things, I thought I'd share some more unseen Ormyk concept art by our incredible retired concept artist Jasper!

Heavy (Locust)



2022, No Shield Variant




Developer Insight: Nit Pt II!

Zia Daud

This week at Funny Fintan I've dreamt up an all-new spawning system! Be ready to face hordes of Ormyk soldiers at the hands of a familiar face, the Nit!

The Nit's core functionality is complete, with a new flashy spawning effect. If they can't see you, they will summon a group of enemies directly from the Tigris Nix hangars to the front lines!

The gameplay footage is very early and subject to change!

The enemies that the Nit spawns can be different and is up to the personality and the environment of the Nit! Nits stationed near high cliffs and large drops tend to spawn flying Ormyk like the Locust, others stationed in jungles and forests tend to spawn nimble Ormyk like Mantis.

The particle system in all its glory.

Ancient magick is one of the Nit's affinities, with orbs of concentrated tricks and shenanigans being its main attack.

When it can't teleport itself, it'll teleport you!

Tune in next week for an insight into melee madness!


That's All Imber!

For Funny Fintan Softworks, I'm Jane, saying; Stay away from miniature dogs. Thank you for tuning into another issue of This Week at Funny Fintan, to keep up to date with the game you can follow our socials and keep it locked right here on for more issues each week! We'll see you at Pixel Expo in September. Until then... Just. Don't. Stop. Moving. -Jane 🌸 [END OF COMMUNIQUE]

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