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[240622] This Week At Funny Fintan



Hello I.M.B.E.R,

Welcome the [240622] issue of This Week at Funny Fintan, a weekly intergalactic broadcast on the progress of Incolatus. This week at Funny Fintan, we prepare your arsenal, and set the stage!


Xyth-Tastic Arsenal Pt. II

Last week I showed off the dynamic duo of Mokosh and Khyrtyq, and on Instagram, you voted that Khyrtyq was more your style! This week I’ve brought two more lethal Ormyk solvents. Meet Jarilo and Podaga.


Railgun // Energy

Drawing from the power of over 20 Xyth crystals grown on its body, Jarilo earns its name as the god of vegetation. Not to be underestimated still, the railgun fires a Xyth-charged laser beam guaranteed to knock the socks off any Ormyk that might stand in its way (and a little more). Weighing in at just over 250kg, it’s sure to give back a little kick! But be careful, with this much Xyth power coursing through its frame, Jarilo generates a miniature portal to the Middle Dimension of its own. This small gateway works to charge the beam but is extremely volatile. KEEP YOUR HANDS AND ARMS OUTSIDE OF THE PORTAL AT ALL TIMES.


Shotgun // Shells

The most mysterious experiment in your arsenal, Podaga is the result of a dangerous science experiment that killed its creators. The original prototype for Xyth Fusion Weapon Technology (XFWT), this weapon is the most unstable of them all. Podaga is the meeting of an unstable ancient magick and a poorly made mass-market self-defence weapon derived from a standard-issue Scott colony shotgun. The shell is cracking in multiple places and was barely made to contain this type of energy. Be careful around this one, Imber. You don’t want to lose a hand!

Stay tuned next week for the finale of this three-part column and the reveal of the new design of Veles!


Ormyk Takeover!

This week in Concept art, I sat down with Jasper to discuss the new updated designs for the Ormyk in our 2022 demo.

The Mantis

Previously known as the Nimble one, the Mantis is equipped with a grappling hook and built-in shotgun hand to close the distance at immense speeds.


The Mantis was designed with agility in mind, I wanted it to be able to look like it could attack at any time from any angle, as it is designed to move across as much terrain as quickly as possible. The skeletal design envokes a threatening and ghoulish appearance whereas its head is a ball of pure plasma. Due to this fact, some electricity leaks behind the Mantis as it travels, even more still, electricity is simply created from the immense speeds the Mantis can reach.

The Bull-Ant

The Bull-Ant is a new enemy in the 2022 demo, an angry brute equipped with a massive shield, this furious charging Ormyk is sure to cause trouble for you in the field. Watch out, Imber!


The Bull-Ant was originally going to be a shield beetle, but considering the charging attack, I decided against it and opted for a more bull-inspired design. I wanted it to look heavy but differently from the Locust. The Bull-ant is bottom-heavy because of the strength behind its attacks, the menacing bull horns on top of its head incite fear in its victims and the holes in his face evoke medieval knights of old. The ball floating above the Bull-Ant's head is an indicator of the system used to balance itself in differing gravity levels. At higher gravities, the ball will lower itself and at lower gravity, it will float higher. This ball helps gauge the gravity on a planet and informs internal systems of mass distribution for optimal charging power in any atmosphere.

Thanks, Jasper! Stay tuned next week for a preview of more new enemies on the way in the 2022 demo!



This week in animation, we've been working on prepping your arsenal to be ready for the game. Unfortunately this week our animator, Zia, has been stuck at home! This is what they had to say:

So this week I've worked on a batch of fresh animations! Since we now have a shiny new viewmodel and arsenal, I was finally able to hop back into blender and start animating. This week, I'm showing off the grappling hook animation. There's been a huge focus on momentum with our movement system and I wanted to accentuate that with this animation. Not to sound cheesy but I really wanted to make you feel like you're swinging across the air. There's a balance I'm trying to strike between realism and hyperbole that I think I've hit with these.

These animations will go into use in your new grapple ability in the 2022 demo, in which you're able to summon a grapple hook through Xyth portals. Stay tuned for more news on this front next week.


Well, Imber, that brings us to the end of another This Week at Funny Fintan. Be sure to stay tuned right here on next week for more news and insights on the development of Incolatus! Don't forget that tickets are on sale to play the game in our 2022 festival tour starting at Pixel Expo 2022 with more locations and dates to come! We'll see you there.

Until then... Just. Don't. Stop. Moving.

-Jane 🌸


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