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[190822] This Week at Funny Fintan



Hello I.M.B.E.R,

Friday 19th of August. That's today! You know what that means. Welcome back to another issue of This Week at Funny Fintan, an broadcast intergalactic on the Incolatus of progress! This week at Funny Fintan we stunt with power.


Hitchhikers Guide to Xyzanthynum Pt III: The Power Station

Part threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. New to the demo in 2022 is the place where the Ormyk draw their charge; welcome to the power station.

Earlier this year, we started with a simple question 'where do the Orymk get their power?' Saturn put together this sketch for us.

Earlier this year, I put together an Unreal Engine Blockout for the concept, with a special focus on verticality. Yes, it's possible to shoot yourself up those towers.

Here's where we're at now. A work in progress still, but much better as we edge closer to the final date of pixel expo.

Yep, those are all jump rings. This arena will send you flying, Imber!

Stay tuned next week for a preview of "The Mines."


Developer Insight: Stunt Kills

Zia Daud

This week at Funny Fintan we stunt on our haters with a brand new system for our 2022 demo.

Welcome to Stunt Kills!

Slash your enemy into the air and carefully carve them apart… Use a slice of your portal charge to graft Ormyk to your suit and use a special ability.

I’ve created an all new system for stunt kills - a 3x3 grid where you need to cut down highlighted cells using an eight-directional slice controlled with your movement keys. I found that it adds another layer of agency as the player can control which cells they want to slice in whatever order, rather than a simple quick-time event.

Each pattern is unique to every type of Ormyk but between a Wasp and a Wasp, they’ll stay the same. This allows the opportunity for mastery and efficiency, which is something I’m hoping to expand upon in every facet of gameplay before we show at Pixel Expo this year.

For now, I’m keeping the abilities a secret for you lovely readers to discover!


That's All Imber!!!

For Funny Fintan Softworks, I'm Jane, saying:

What if you had one dollar for $1. Let that sink in. .

Thank you for tuning into another issue of This Week at Funny Fintan, to keep up to date with the game you can follow our socials and keep it locked right here on for more issues each week! We'll see you at Pixel Expo in September. Until then... Just. Don't. Stop. Moving.

-Jane 🌸


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