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[080722] This Week at Funny Fintan



Hello I.M.B.E.R,

Welcome the [080722] issue of This Week at Funny Fintan, a weekly intergalactic broadcast on the progress of Incolatus. This week at Funny Fintan, we continue our Ormyk production, and bring Imber's arms to life!


All About Ormyk Pt. II

Last week at Funny Fintan, I kicked this segment off by showcasing the new model for the Mantis. This week, I'll be showcasing new working models for the Locust and Nit!


Previously known as the Heavy, the Locust is the largest of all Ormyk. Weighing 2.578219 metric tonnes. Don't get comfortable, though. With its smokey industrial jetpack, the Locust can take to the skies to track you down!


A new enemy in the 2022 demo, Nits are neo-Jamyj that Tigris Nix enslaved to harness their Xyth magick for military purposes. Thousands of years ago, ancient Myj giants built the great tower of Xyzanthynum to terraform the planet. After throwing the great system out of balance, the Myj were forced into exile in the Middle Dimension. During this stint, the goblin creatures became diminutive in stature due to the high concentration of Xyth energy, this was the birth of the Jamyj. After finally escaping back to Xyzanthynum, the once giant goblin race had been reduced to the neo-Jamyj, a tiny race of pixie goblins with a close connection to the Xyth.

More coming soon, Imber! Stay tuned next week for more Ormyk in part three!


Unreal Animations; and a Crash Course in Very Fun Workflows (Very Fun)

This week in animation and systems architecture, we've been working hard on implementing the new animations into Unreal Engine. This has been a little harder than it might at first sound. Here's Zia to explain;

What have you been working on this week?

I've been working on implementing the gun animations into the game. This time around, it was a bit more finicky than the 2021 or 2020 demos because of the new dual FOV system that we have. The system means that we have essentially two different cameras rendering the first-person viewmodel and the world at different FOVs so that the world's FOV can be changed but the viewmodel will always stay constant to avoid ugly distortions that have been present in demos past. Implementing animations from Blender to Unreal Engine was a bit trickier this time around because I needed to get the positioning of the models in the engine as they were in Blender otherwise I'd run into problems with misalignment. I've had quite a few of these problems with Unreal-Blender translations. For some animations, I had to go back and re-animate the whole thing Blender to fit Unreal. Though this has been an arduous process, it was worth it. Along with the enemies, new gun models, animations, and distortion correction, these animations add a whole new fresh coat of paint to the game that is long overdue at this point.

Below: WIP screenshots of new animations in-game

Above: Note the new portal grapple ability! Exciting stuff.


That's all Imber!

For Funny Fintan Softworks, I'm Jane, saying;

Did you know that you shouldn't eat poison mushrooms? Don't ask me how I know.

Thank you for tuning into another issue of This Week at Funny Fintan, to keep up to date with the game you can follow our socials and keep it locked right here on for more issues each week! We'll see you at Pixel Expo in September.

Until then... Just. Don't. Stop. Moving.

-Jane 🌸


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