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[010722] This Week at Funny Fintan

Updated: Jul 15, 2022



Hello I.M.B.E.R,

Welcome the [010722] issue of This Week at Funny Fintan, a weekly intergalactic broadcast on the progress of Incolatus. This week at Funny Fintan, we slice into the Ormyk, bump some tunes and say our goodbyes!



This week at Funny Fintan, Zia's been working on some new music. Here's what they had to say:

This is a sneak peek at the "Level Complete" track off the INCOLATUS original soundtrack! I've worked on the music for this project since its conception and the music like the game has gone through many iterations. The style of this track is the style I've landed on - I find it matches the breakneck pace of the gameplay and the general "vibes" of the game. I'm super proud of how this one turned out. If you were at Perth Games Festival last year, you might recognise this as being an updated version of our first map's music. As the energy of the first map was reiterated since then, so has the music! I can't wait to share the full version of this track and the rest of them when we showcase the demo!


Xyth-Tastic Arsenal Pt. III

This week in 3D modelling, I've been working hard on models for the Ormyk, and I'll be showing off the final weapon in your arsenal.

Now without further ado, let's finish off this Xyth-Tastic column with the trilogy finale. Let me introduce you to;



The god of earth, waters and livestock, Veles was the only XFWT weapon to be built especially from the ground up for Pink Bloom operations. Chiselled from a pure block of Xyth, the blade is uniquely poised to slice anything in its path. Veles' handle is made out of an extremely dense, thin and light alloy to balance out the insane weight of the pure and thick blade of crystal. Note that though there is some Xyth corruption reaching down the handle of the sword, it was bespoke-made to resist this kind of energy, thus why corruption does not reach the end of the handle. XYTH-PROOF GLOVES ARE STILL REQUIRED WHEN HANDLING VELES UNDER BOGBOG YNDUSTRIX HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS!

And now for something completely different.


All About Ormyk!

In this all-new segment, I'll be giving you updates on the progress of the creation of Tigris Nix's widely-feared Ormyk!

In this week's Instagram poll, you voted that you'd rather have a coffee with the bull-ant than the mantis! The Mantis is feeling a little down after that, so let's check in on him.


In this year's demo, not only are the ormyk getting new designs, but also new coats of paint! (albeit quite dirty). The Mantis is modelled, textured, rigged and ready to be animated! In the meantime, here's a close-up look at his abilities.

The Mantis' right hand has been replaced with a grappling hook. This is its main traversal mode, and so its claws are massive to dig deep into surfaces it wishes to attach to. The Mantis could be anywhere at any time. Be cautious about this one Imber!

The Mantis' massive tri-barrelled arm cannon shoots three slow-moving balls of energy to obliterate any enemy of the Tigris Nix corporation. Note that the Mantis is covered in mud, it was not made for outdoor conditions, especially those on Xyzathynum! The Mantis will often get itself stuck in unfortunate places on the planet, and so units are commonly very dirty.

Stay tuned next week for more updates on the Ormyk!


Thank You and Goodbye

This week at Funny Fintan, we say goodbye to our concept artist, Jasper, and thank him for all the incredible contributions he's made to the studio and Incolatus.

Jasper was a conscientious team member who always produced work to his best ability! We have him to thank for the designs of the Ormyk including the Wasp, Mantis, Bull-Ant, Locust and the adorable Nit;

Thank you Jasper for your incredible contributions! You really went above and beyond and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours! If you want to keep up with Jasper's art, you can follow him at @jaydoesntdraw on Instagram.


That's all Imber!

Thank you for tuning into another issue of This Week at Funny Fintan, to keep up to date with the game you can follow our socials and keep it locked right here on for more issues each week! We'll see you at Pixel Expo in September.

Until then... Just. Don't. Stop. Moving.

-Jane 🌸


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